We understand how important it is to protect our roof as it is an important element that keeps us safe in our house and making things private. Also, it provides more structural foundation to the house. Whenever there is an issue, it is recommended that you find immediate solutions to prevent your roof from being damaged to the point you need a replacement. Roofer Near Me Angus Ontario will provide you with the kind of service that you need when it comes to resolving issues on your roof.

There are many potential causes of roof damage including weather, molds, dirt, and animals. In today’s topic, we will share with you the four common animals that can impose damage to your roof, and they do damage, in order for you to have clear diagnosis whenever you experience these issues.


Squirrels are able to chew on your shingles and vents so they can be damaging to your roof’s structure. They like to stay at your attic where it is nice and warm, and probably bear some babies. While they are not extremely dangerous, they have sharp teeth that could efficiently chew on your shingles. Contact your roofer for an immediate response to this issue.

Also, after you get rid of them, it is important that you patch all the cracks and chewed structures on your roof to avoid further damage.


Raccoons also have sharp teeth that could bite and chew away roof structures. Although they can be very cute to watch from afar, they can sometimes be aggressive especially when they are threatened. Like the squirrels, racoons like warm places and might decide to stay at your attic.

Raccoons can also effectively use their hands to tear your singles apart and drag your insulation. When this happens, you now need to face and attend to issues on your house: damaged roof, and damaged insulation. Call your roofer to address this in an efficient way.


Rats are considered to be one of the most despised creatures that could live inside our house. Aside from the fact that they can carry harmful diseases and bacteria, they can also create structural damage not just to your roof but also to other parts of your house. They can even go inside your HVAC vents and siding. They chew efficiently that they create holes, crack, and hollows in your house. When you notice some signs of the rat invasion, call immediately a pest and rodent remover service.


Among the four that we feature in this article as animals that are harmful and damaging to your roof, birds are the most harmless creatures. However, birds like to find a safe place for nesting and this can be on your roof specifically on your gutter. When this happens, they would create blockage rain pours down. Also, their droppings can be harmful to the roof’s paint and damaging to your roof’s surface. It is advised that you remove them by calling a professional to also avoid harming the creatures.

You may notice that we always advised you to call a professional whenever you feel inconvenience on your roof. This is because managing it yourself might impose harm to you when dealing with these animals. So, call a professional to handle the issue.